Tom - Director & Lead Mentor

Tom is an elite in business growth and coaching. With over 19 years’ experience he has a keen eye for spotting an opportunity. He has a unique skill in enabling individuals and businesses to visualise and achieve their goals. With Tom’s mentorship you will: leave your comfort zone, define your development areas, and succeed! With Tom’s direction you will accomplish and deliver on the objectives you have and will commit to.

Sarah - Director, Operations and Finance

As the Director of The Wood Floor Company, Sarah has a wealth of experience in all aspects of running a business. From working on the shop floor to completing VAT returns, Sarah has seen it all! Her ability to mentor and guide both employees and clients has boosted the success of the company and there is no stopping her! With a growth plan in the pipeline and the support from a strong dynamic team, Sarah aims to double the company’s revenue within 2 years.

Andrew - Site Manager

Andrew is a wood flooring expert and Senior Project Manager with a penchant for detail and is meticulous on delivering the absolute best; even to the most difficult and demanding of customers. With 1000s of installations under his belt, Andrew is well versed to guide anyone on the details of delivering an exceptional wood floor installation.

Adele - Head of Client Experience

Adele is an extraordinaire in end-to-end client experience! Her belief in building relationships with strong communication and having a pro-active approach ensure she can manage expectations on a client’s journey. Commitment to our brand values helps convert and retain loyal customers in a busy task orientated environment. With great knowledge and experience in the property industry, Adele will help guide you in providing a ‘world class’ client experience.

John - Head of Marketing

John is head of our Marketing & Advertising team and is responsible for creating sustainable growth through both online and offline platforms. With 18 years’ experience in the digital sector, it is John’s mission to develop and execute marketing strategies that not only work, but that ensure ROI is met. The key to success is managing this sector with pinpoint accuracy and knowing where and how to advertise and John is outstanding at gaining the correct balance.

David - Performance Coach

David is a Transformation & Mindset coach for business leaders and athletes who want to: gain clarity, be happier and healthier. David’s approach is relaxed, informal and he passionately believes that on the other side of challenge and struggle is an incredible journey. He has improved the professional and personal lives of many of his clients and he actively encourages you to, ‘live the life you love’.