Look, we all know that being in business can be a very lonely place. In our industry, there isn’t a textbook, a course or mentorship scheme to help you… well, until now!!

With our mentorship you won’t have to go on this journey totally alone.

There are so many flooring contractors and retailers who literally go round and round in circles.

They’re just meeting Payday and thinking…”IS THIS IT?” Our mentorship programme will quickly guide you to meeting your full potential and you will soon realise, “Your only limit is YOU!

We have three programmes for you to choose from. These have been meticulously developed to help you no matter what stage of the journey you’re at. With high levels of accountability built into our mentorship, we know when to hold your hand and when to give you a kick up the derrière.

So…. you have two options really: roll the dice and try and scale alone – this is what we did and look what happened there! Or take the chance and join our mentorship scheme. By doing this you will tap into the best sales, strategy and technical tactics to help you and your business thrive!

The first step is to enrol on our Flooring Freedom training course, click Book Now below to begin your journey.