The Task


What if we reset the clock to the year 2000; a time before Google maps and smartphones and we dropped you off in a unknown city with Command Tasks which you must complete in order to get to your final destination?

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Are you looking to build your character, confidence and self-esteem? This unique event will build all three plus many more new skills!

This is a one-day event which you will participate in solo or in pairs. The evening before the event you will be given a time and iconic location which will be our meeting point. Upon arrival at the meeting point, we will take your mobile telephone and cash/cards if you bring them (for safekeeping, no cheating allowed!)

You will be given an item of clothing to wear so that you stand out from the crowd (nothing dodgy), £5 cash, a Command Task sheet which will instruct you on what you need to do, and an old school mobile phone with credit pre-loaded on it.

A time limit be will be given for you to finish the event which will take place in and around the city of your choice.